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    OOTD Work & Play the Thai Way

    Hey Beauties and Beaus,

    I loved going to Thailand!!! Asian culture is what I grew up with (I watched sailor moor religiously and still do!). Even my Japanese co-worker says I have some of their mannerisms (smiling when nervous).

    Ayutthaya Ancient capital Thailand. It rained throughout the day.


    I wanted to show you what I wore when going into mental health facilities and going sightseeing with my class. This outfit is styled by Forever 21! We needed to wear all black because their King passed away and they were in mourning. This was to show honor and respect. With any fashion style, you have to add a touch of your personality, despite the restrictions you may have in dress code. Fortunately all black makes all of us feel good and look good! My outfit was comfortable to wear throughout the entire day! Check it out. Is it a winner?


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    Top 10 photoshoot locations in Thailand

    Hi Friends,

     Thailand is a great place to obtain a wide range of photo ops. I went to Thailand in 2017 for a study abroad class, and I stayed with my classmates in Bangkok.  We had our own personal guide: Dr. Paul and his wife Dr. Nop. Within a few days, we saw so many things on top of going to mental health facilities (click here to see that blog post). I think it’s important to know someone in the country you’re traveling to, because you will get the most out of your stay! Here are some highlights I recommend for food, photo ops and sightseeing per Dr’s orders 🙂 . Let me know which place you like best from the photos below!

    1) The Grand Palace

    2) MBK (Mah Boon Krong) Mall

    3) Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon (วัดใหญ่ชัยมงคล)

    4) Maharaj Ferry Terminal Stop to the Grand Palace

    Stickhouse Tha Maharaj

    Favour Cafe

    Kukunut (Shakes & Ice Cream)

    5) Taling Chan Floating Market

    6) Hello Kitty Store

    7) Bangkok’s 360 Revolving Roof Deck

    8) Ayutthaya

    9) Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

    10) Ban Mai Chay Nam Resort and Restaurant

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    How Thailand uses Mental Health to Heal.

    ได้อย่างเสียอย่าง (dai yang sia yang)
    Translation: You have to lose something to get another thing.
    Meaning: You can’t make an omelette without breaking any eggs

    Thailand’s values of honor and hospitality led me to tears. I wondered, “How can a nation that does not have mental health budget give so much to us?” It felt undeserving to receive the love and compassion when I traveled to Thailand to study abroad program from California State University Long Beach. I took this class in May of 2017. We visited many facilities, each one very unique, yet very similar to mental health in America. In order to break the stigma, we must acknowledged cultural differences within mental health, and to gain more knowledge about other cultures. All of us do not see mental health the same way, and it was helpful to see some similarities and differences in Thailand.

    Mahidol University

    We arrived to our first destination, Mahidol Univeristy. We went to the department of epidemiology to learn about mental health issues that are currently prevalent in Thailand. Each region had different issues, highlighting the importance to be mindful of where a clients live. They also made us a yummy lunch.

    Child and Adolescscent Mental Health Rajanagarindra Institute

    The children’s clinic was very colorful and fun.

    The way they do mental health here is very similar to America (play therapy, adaptable chairs that would assist the client to focus better, etc.).

    Srithanya Hospital

    For one, I loved how they use positive psychology to term the rooms. This is one difference I noticed, as I have yet to see psychiatric hospitals have positive terms fro their treatment rooms. A similarity would be how they use creative arts as a form of treatment with their play therapy room. It was filled with toys and other therapeutic objects.

    For vocational services, they have many ways they train patients to enhance their life skills. Our guide shared a story of how one quiet patient began to engage with others and build their self esteem due to being trained to work as a baker. They are trained by seasoned workers that have been mentored before them. They were so thankful for the skills they learned while being in the hospital, and it helps them find jobs upon discharge.

    We have this similar in America, however, patients usually do not train the patients. From my experience in mental health in the host setting, they tend to do gardening, learning, and maybe helps with the fashion center. In Thailand they had a wider range of options (car wash, florist, bakery, coffee shop, art,).

    Don Chompoo Primary Care Unit.

    This was a community mental health unit for promotion and prevention programming. They serve the elderly, and we were greeted by celebration and dancing. They were so happy to meet us and taught us some dance moves. This was a pleasant site, because the elderly I work with tend to ambulate using a wheel chair most of the time. To see older adults healthy, happy and active showed me the importance of recreation therapy. They had this really cool exercise rope in which two ropes were looped into a coconut (forgot to take a photo of it!) To use it, two people had to stand facing each other, holding the ends of the rope, and they had to extend out their arms at the right timing to transfer the coconut from one person to another.  Trying it was a workout! Even though they did not have a budget for their mental health program, they continued to give to us snacks and gifts.

    Wat Thamkrabok (Substance Abuse treatment program)

    This is known as the most unusual form of rehab in the entire world. It is famous for having clients purge their drug and alcohol addiction using herbs made by monks. They purge through a grand ceremony. Those who went through their purge surrounded the newbies, using musical instruments to create a comforting melody. The purge lasted several minutes, and I loved that the ones purging are not alone. It felt weird to watch, but comforting at the same time. While playing the instruments, they sang along the lines of “You can do it, You can let go. You can purge.” They wanted to encourage each other, and I loved the community they developed.  It was a beautiful thing to see such support. Afterwards there was a steam room filled with lemon grass to provide a break for the individuals who participated in the purging ceremony.

    The programing is filled with mindfulness, as there is time to meditate, work, chanting, exercise and support.

    The biggest takeaway I received was the symbolism of purging. Its a forceful term to use, and I like it better than saying “let it go.” This stuck with me when I went to bed that night, and I decided to do my own spiritual purge. I needed to let go of things in my life and not pick it back up. This experience has led me to heal more in my life journey.

    We visited many places over our two week stay. Every time we were welcomed and honored as guests. It was as if we were nobles. During our experiences to different facilities, we had a few conference presentations and got to ask questions on how the way they conduct treatment.

    Are you aware of mental health programs in other counties? How about our country in America? What has helped you and/or family member? And, what would you want to change?

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    Queen of Haute Couture Guo Pei Proves How Fashion is Art

    “I don’t follow trends or try to compete with anyone. Everything I do stems from following my passion and my love for design.” -Guo Pei, interview with Forbes Magazine

    As Shown on Guo Pei’s Main Page

    Welcome to the world of Guo Pei. She’s made fashion waves across the globe with her haute couture creations. The details found on one gown can take a team several months, and even years to complete. Her inspiration stems from the world around her. From catholic churches, to her own Chinese heritage, Guo makes fashion its own genre of art. You may have seen her Masterpieces at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “China: Through the Looking Glass” show and on Rihanna herself.

    Think of her work as one-of-a-kind, like the process it takes to proclaim sparkling wine can be named Champagne. Champagne is called ‘sparkling wine’ everywhere else around the world, except for Champagne, France. It has to be produced there to a certain standard to hold this title. Guo’s work is considered, in a sense, the ‘champagne of fashion.’  The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris'( the chief governing body of the high-fashion industry) invited her into the group as a guest member. She meets the criteria to proclaim her work as Haute Couture and has a house in Paris where she showcases her work. Within the organization’s 151st-year history, Guo is the first born-and-raised Asian designer to receive such an honor in the organization’s 147-year history.

    I got to see her work at the Bower’s Museum this past weekend, and she wanted every single spectator to know that her gowns are “Art.” Her creations reveal a rich history and love for her culture. She makes outfits for individuals in business realm, royalty, government, weddings, entertainers, and many more. She has ready-to-go wear that draws in anyone who wants to be seen. The word ‘innovative’ does not give her artwork justice. Her clothing pieces are out of this world! She is leading the next generation of craftsmanship. The details of her embroidery takes time and precision.


    Guo inspires a lifestyle in fashion that requires us to show up and show out for our own cultural heritage and traditions. She also inspires us to find beauty within everything we see.  When starting out, she was encouraged to “make things that sell” rather than creating couture gowns. She is very appreciative of her beginnings as a designer, especially because she was the first class to graduate from China’s first-ever fashion design school, the Beijing Second Light Industry School. She graduated during a time of growing economic openness under the post-Mao reforms implemented by Deng Xiaoping in the late 80s. With her previous employers, she learned the habit of producing 1,000 designs a year, and she continues this work flow today in her business.

    Her work reminds me to always give honor to my own culture as well as for other cultures. She inspires me to wear clothing loud and proud, with no trails of shame. She helps me to see we should never stretch for the fame- just do what you love and you will be called in front of kings to display your talents. She knew she wanted to get into designing as she began sowing at the age of 2 years old.  I was very ecstatic to see her gifting on display in the Bowers Museum. Each action she took was a step towards her ultimate dream. She now employs thousands of workers, some assigned as embroiderers, designers, pattern cutters and sewing technicians. Guo’s team of artisans are chosen from all over the country and she trains them in the traditional way of Chinese needlework, among other skills. She says that this tradition almost died during the communist era. Her team produces 3,000 to 4,000 couture items annually! She says she treats her staff as family, a value that proves to be promising and loving. I am inspired by her entrepreneurship. She never sells her gowns as she considers them masterpieces. She receives finances in other creative ways, making her a leader in the fashion industry. This Queen of Haute Couture has created a beautiful dynasty- a fashion kingdom China finds inspiring. I recommend for you to go and see Guo Pei’s work at the Bower’s Museum before it’s too late! She also has a documentary called, “Yellow is Forbidden.”

    “About Guo Pei” – Guo Pei website, www.GuoPei.fr

    Me, Guo, Amaris
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    Thirty Four-Ward

    Well, I have been officially 34 for a week now, and I feel not as much changed. All I can think about was the last 10 years of my life and the amazing things that have surfaced to lead me in this direction of blogging, fashion, and theatre arts. From working as a nanny and a private investigator (this will take another post to describe lol), to going back to graduate school and processing a lot of pain and trauma, I feel as if things are moving forward.

    Becoming a participator truly is better than being a spectator!

    I just wanted to share my birthday plans: Shopping at Miss Lola and Having a dinner at the beautiful Thai District Restaurant in Downtown Long Beach, California. My friends came from so many places, I truly felt loved for my birthday. Keeping it simple was the key to this success. I tend to get anxiety to plan things, because I want to make sure everyone can get there, and I would try to please other people’s thoughts and plans. This is why I am thirty- forwarding! No more past patterns to hold me down. I am keeping my royal mindset. I’ve come a long way, and I look forward to the new manifesting in my life.

    Enjoy the photos and my youtube video on my birthday (Subscribe on my youtube site and comment).



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    4 Best Ways to Style During Transition Season: Spring Cleaning Edition

    Hey friends! It’s me LaTi, sharing 4 different fashion ideas to wear in this transition from winter to spring.
    I’m cleaning out my closet and decided to share some ideas, which one do you like the most ?

    1) Long flowy dress and light jean jacket (@Forever21), Jean heels(can’t remember where I got these )

    2) White tube top (@winsor, green cargo pants (@AmazonFashion), and jacket (South Korea trip)

    3) Pearl bustier and mint green pant(@AmazonFashion), white boots @charlotterusse, light kimono cardigan (Ross)

    4) Yellow dress (Forever 21), & over the knee boots (@mydsw)

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    Meet LaTianna, A Therapist & Avant-garde Fashionista

    Exciting news once more!!

    The founder of PsychoSocial, a media & mental health company, reached out to me to inquire about Fashion Therapy. I also did an exclusive photoshoot in one of my couture pieces. Check out the interview here. I discuss how I use theatre and fashion for mental health and wellness. You will learn more about my personal and professional experiences in this creative art field.

    Learn more about PsychoSocial and their resources here.



    Let me know what you think beauties and beaus.



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    Feature in Voyage LA: Meet Trailblazer LaTianna

    Wow! What a honor to be featured in

    Voyage LA Magazine!

    They wanted to know how I started with using theatre and fashion for mental health. I share my personal story with them. Below is a preview, and you can follow this link to view and read the entire article.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us LaTianna. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
    Well, my story in mental health and theatre began in high school of 2000. It was a hard time for me as a freshman in high school because did not have any confidence or self-awareness. I never truly loved myself. I only found worth in being a straight-A student and doing good things for others. I wore my hair over my face as a defense mechanism, and I always looked down. I decided to do theatre arts as my elective because I heard you can get an easy grade by just sitting there. Attending Mrs. Hunter’s drama class made me see the world differently. Seeing the students perform without fear inspired me. I began to realize I wanted to feel free and be creative with improvisational theatre. I decided to take courage and volunteered to perform on stage, and I never looked back. That decision got me to embrace fear and make something new out of it. Even though I felt afraid, I would perform. Every time I auditioned for a play, Mrs. Hunter saw something in me. She always found a part for me to play. She is by far the most influential teacher in my life. I learned self-love from her unconditional positive regard, and she consistently highlighted the best parts of me. It took time to realize the purpose, plan, and power behind theatre and its influence on my mental well-being. There is a therapeutic component to the dramatic arts, and it has personally helped me to get in touch with who I am….

    Voyage LA has wonderful stories of people doing so many great things, I recommend looking through and reading more of what they have to offer.




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    OOTD Pretty Pretty Princess

    Greetings from the castle,

    I decided to go to the Newchella Beauty and Fashion Event as my royal self. I am obsessed with Loschy Crowns, so I had my outfit match the vibe.

    Loschy: Crown accessory

    Express: Ripped bell bottom jeans

    Amazon Fashion: Off the shoulder white ruffled top (Out of stock)

    House of Intuition: Turquoise stone necklace

    Vintage from My Mom: Bracelet and Diamond Ring

    Don’t Mind My Sailor Moon Selfie Stick Below! LOL

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    Newchella Time

    Yo Yo Yo,

    It’s LaTi here,

    Giving you a run down on a fun event I went to hosted by @socalbloggerbabes . I went with my Makeup Artist Pal Priscilla.

    This is their third event within a year, and the cute word play of ‘chella’ is always in the mix. It was nice to meet bloggers face to face rather than on the gram. definitely a new experience for me. I got to network with a few representatives from the organization, and connect with bloggers from all over Southern California.  I loved the energy as everyone was supportive of one another. We need dream encouragers, and it was a great reminder that the new for my life will come to pass.

    I was able to cover only a bit of the event ( I wanted to be more in the present moment and not be behind a camera all day). There was many places for photos, snacks, drinks, activities, shopping, and a few fashion shows. It was one chella of a time. Lol!

    For my outfit, I decided to keep it casual and royal wearing a white off the shoulder ruffled top, ripped bell bottom jeans from Express and my crown made by Loschy. {Check out the OOTD post for more deets}. Pretty Priscilla wore a wine velvet dress and a crown from Loschy Designs.

    Enjoy! Follow their handle to be notified of their future events!