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    February Habit Tracker: FREE!

    I LOVE FREE RESOURCES! Don’t you!? I hope so, because I have a new habit tracker for you to use to stay focused this month!   And all you have to do is: SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG and YOUTUBE   My YouTube showcases a day in a life, monthly editorial videos, and motivational speeches. I will continue to unravel what Fashion Therapy means, and how it can be applied to your everyday life!   Hope to hear from you soon and a sample of what I will give you for joining can be found below. xoxo LaTi  

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    #OOTN Tamayo Restaurant L.A.

    Hey Beauties and Beaus, If you ever find yourself in East L.A., I recommend checking out a restaurant and art gallery called Tamayo. I went for my friend Christina’s birthday before we head out to dance at Clifton Republic in DTLA. This is what I wore: Dress and Coat: Forever 21 Heels: Jessica Simpson Earrings: Express Hairstyles: Danielle’s Lovely Touches It was a great time, a nice break from the typical work life. Let me know what you think! -xo LaTI

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    3 Best Ways to Style a Graphic Top

    Hey there, LaTi here! I hope your new year continues to be something that is intentional and set on continual growth. Something I’ve been meaning to get to are youtube videos. So far I did a vlog, a reintroduction, and now presenting… STYLING VIDEOS! These videos are quick and show different ways you can use your fashion to style it in different ways. Check this video out for some inspiration on how to style a printed shirt. It’s simple, and you don’t have to change much of your outfit! Which style do you like most: Over the shoulder Midriff Regular style with leather jacket

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    BeautyCon Editorial Shoot January 2019

    Greetings ! I wanted to share one thing I LOVE ABOUT LOS ANGELES: POP Up INTERACTIVE MUSEUMS! So far this one takes the cake! A pop up about fashion, fashion icons, and beauty inspiration. This is called BeautyCon. My friend Annie found this gem, and said, “Let’s go!!” We went the same day we planned it! Below are some photos for our editorial with the theme of ‘Self Exploration.’ BeautyCon provides a space where you are free to engage with the world around you. You are empowered to make choices. (As a side note: This is one of the principals of Trauma-Informed care: EMPOWERMENT. VOICE. CHOICE. Having your own freedom…

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    Patterns and Paving the Way for MORE

    Good Evening Beauties and Beaus, I’m curious to know how your goals for this year are coming along? Truth be told, this ‘motivational speaker’ has not been so motivated. 2019 Goals are in fact 2018 goals…. maybe even 2017 goals. I think I’m coming to a realization that you will not always meet your goals. Goals are meant to roll over. How weird is that to say? I wish I can be my perfectionistic self and meet my goals quicker, but I murdered her during graduate school. This was necessary so I can have compassion for myself (lol fo real though!). I’ve been thinking about the term ‘goals’ today, and…

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    Top 10 Ideas to Put on Your Habit Tracker

    “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” ― Mark Twain Hey Beauties and Beaus, I want to see you prosper. I want you to see changes and it starts and ends with you! I am here to present to you a creative and fun way to track your habits day to day for an entire month! In cognitive behavioral therapy we call it a habit tracker. What is it? A habit tracker is something you can use visually and kinesthetically to reach your daily goals. Why use it? To live with intention comes from focused energy. Using a habit tracker results in reached goals, feelings of peace for mastering a task, increased concentration and motivation,…

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    New Year. Old Habits. Ways to Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

    New Year’s Resolutions can sometimes (if not most) turn into delusions. Dreams that never become manifested. It’s safe not to pursue and live the dream. But I am here to tell you: Don’t fall into that trap! Refocus your lifestyle and make things happen. Don’t let the obstacles of life hold you down. I can tell you this from life experience. Countless amount of times I said, “I’m going to write a play, I’m going to up my youtube game, I’m going to post on a consistent basis…” And then I look back… actually I sneeze and the year is over, realizing I did not do anything I wanted to.…

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    Velvety Little Christmas

    Merry belated Christmas! I wanted to share my outfit for the holiday season. My outfit of choice has been the wine color. Soft textures with an indented print with the wine color has gotten me super obsessed with wanting more of this style. Dress: Velvet floral imprint dress, circular flounce sleeves Boot: Velvet over the knee boots Accessory: Kitty bell headband Hairstyle: Two twisted knotted buns with front bangs For me, this was the perfect outfit. About a year ago I bought this dress from a thrift store near the hair salon. At first I didn’t like how it fit me, but I remind myself I am continually accepting my…

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    Styles & Sushi

    One thing that got me through graduate school was going out to eat. I found it rewarding to complete a 50 hour work week and celebrate with my favorite food: SUSHI My friend Kent and I tried a new spot a city near Long Beach called Xtreme Sushi. I told Kent that I wanted to dress for the part. He found it funny, but was very impressed with what I came up with in only a few minutes. Check out the food and my style creation. Top: Yellow Long Sleeve Graphic top & Black Cardigan Art by John Hall Bottoms: Tan Faux Suede Buttoned Front Skater Skirt Boots: Suede over the knee boots Glasses:…