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    Feature in Voyage LA: Meet Trailblazer LaTianna

    Wow! What a honor to be featured in

    Voyage LA Magazine!

    They wanted to know how I started with using theatre and fashion for mental health. I share my personal story with them. Below is a preview, and you can follow this link to view and read the entire article.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us LaTianna. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
    Well, my story in mental health and theatre began in high school of 2000. It was a hard time for me as a freshman in high school because did not have any confidence or self-awareness. I never truly loved myself. I only found worth in being a straight-A student and doing good things for others. I wore my hair over my face as a defense mechanism, and I always looked down. I decided to do theatre arts as my elective because I heard you can get an easy grade by just sitting there. Attending Mrs. Hunter’s drama class made me see the world differently. Seeing the students perform without fear inspired me. I began to realize I wanted to feel free and be creative with improvisational theatre. I decided to take courage and volunteered to perform on stage, and I never looked back. That decision got me to embrace fear and make something new out of it. Even though I felt afraid, I would perform. Every time I auditioned for a play, Mrs. Hunter saw something in me. She always found a part for me to play. She is by far the most influential teacher in my life. I learned self-love from her unconditional positive regard, and she consistently highlighted the best parts of me. It took time to realize the purpose, plan, and power behind theatre and its influence on my mental well-being. There is a therapeutic component to the dramatic arts, and it has personally helped me to get in touch with who I am….

    Voyage LA has wonderful stories of people doing so many great things, I recommend looking through and reading more of what they have to offer.




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    OOTD Pretty Pretty Princess

    Greetings from the castle,

    I decided to go to the Newchella Beauty and Fashion Event as my royal self. I am obsessed with Loschy Crowns, so I had my outfit match the vibe.

    Loschy: Crown accessory

    Express: Ripped bell bottom jeans

    Amazon Fashion: Off the shoulder white ruffled top (Out of stock)

    House of Intuition: Turquoise stone necklace

    Vintage from My Mom: Bracelet and Diamond Ring

    Don’t Mind My Sailor Moon Selfie Stick Below! LOL

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    Newchella Time

    Yo Yo Yo,

    It’s LaTi here,

    Giving you a run down on a fun event I went to hosted by @socalbloggerbabes . I went with my Makeup Artist Pal Priscilla.

    This is their third event within a year, and the cute word play of ‘chella’ is always in the mix. It was nice to meet bloggers face to face rather than on the gram. definitely a new experience for me. I got to network with a few representatives from the organization, and connect with bloggers from all over Southern California.  I loved the energy as everyone was supportive of one another. We need dream encouragers, and it was a great reminder that the new for my life will come to pass.

    I was able to cover only a bit of the event ( I wanted to be more in the present moment and not be behind a camera all day). There was many places for photos, snacks, drinks, activities, shopping, and a few fashion shows. It was one chella of a time. Lol!

    For my outfit, I decided to keep it casual and royal wearing a white off the shoulder ruffled top, ripped bell bottom jeans from Express and my crown made by Loschy. {Check out the OOTD post for more deets}. Pretty Priscilla wore a wine velvet dress and a crown from Loschy Designs.

    Enjoy! Follow their handle to be notified of their future events!



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    Be My Rugged Valentine

    Hello Beauties and Beaus,

    I did a fun video editorial shoot with my friend Amaris! She was the star of this show as we showcased 4 outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day.

    The theme was to be pretty pretty, but with a gangster edge. lol!

    Check it out:


    Editorial Pieces are found here:


    Let us know what your fav. outfit, here are the 4 styles:

    xoxo, LaTi

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    #OOTN Tamayo Restaurant L.A.

    Hey Beauties and Beaus,

    If you ever find yourself in East L.A., I recommend checking out a restaurant and art gallery called Tamayo. I went for my friend Christina’s birthday before we head out to dance at Clifton Republic in DTLA.

    This is what I wore:

    Dress and Coat: Forever 21

    Heels: Jessica Simpson

    Earrings: Express

    Hairstyles: Danielle’s Lovely Touches

    It was a great time, a nice break from the typical work life. Let me know what you think!

    -xo LaTI

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    3 Best Ways to Style a Graphic Top

    Hey there,

    LaTi here!

    I hope your new year continues to be something that is intentional and set on continual growth. Something I’ve been meaning to get to are youtube videos. So far I did a vlog, a reintroduction, and now presenting…


    These videos are quick and show different ways you can use your fashion to style it in different ways. Check this video out for some inspiration on how to style a printed shirt. It’s simple, and you don’t have to change much of your outfit!

    Which style do you like most:

    1. Over the shoulder
    2. Midriff
    3. Regular style with leather jacket
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    BeautyCon Editorial Shoot January 2019

    Greetings !

    I wanted to share one thing I LOVE ABOUT LOS ANGELES:


    So far this one takes the cake! A pop up about fashion, fashion icons, and beauty inspiration. This is called BeautyCon. My friend Annie found this gem, and said, “Let’s go!!” We went the same day we planned it! Below are some photos for our editorial with the theme of ‘Self Exploration.’ BeautyCon provides a space where you are free to engage with the world around you. You are empowered to make choices. (As a side note: This is one of the principals of Trauma-Informed care: EMPOWERMENT. VOICE. CHOICE. Having your own freedom to choose and giving the space for others to make their own decisions without judgment is crucial to the healing process.

    This is what sparked my first music video, and I’m excited to share it with you. It was because of BeautyCon my creative mind began to flow. As a child, I would listen to a song and ruminate on it to the point where I created music videos in my head. What would it look like, how would it be filmed, the wardrobe, the characters, etc. This video also has a vlog tone to it. I have no film experience and this is what came out of it:

    I hope you enjoyed viewing it! Let me know what you think. A few of our fashion choices were from Vivi Collections, Forever 21, and Express.

    I’ll see you soon, xoxo


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    Benefits of Creative Art Therapy

    Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person – mind, body, intelligence and creativity.

    – Viola Spolin

    Augusto Boal says it best, “Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.”

    Theatre, art, dance, recreation, music… ALL of these forms of creative expression has the power to transform lives. It is even difficult for science to create a pattern in solving its mystery.

    There is a new wave of therapy that is becoming more noticeable. It involves the creative arts. Want to know the benefits into this form of counseling? Read below and find out!


    So, what are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced the power of using artistic expression to enhance your quality of life? Share below!

    xoxo, LaTi

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    Velvety Little Christmas

    Christmas Outfit of the Day

    Merry belated Christmas!

    I wanted to share my outfit for the holiday season. My outfit of choice has been the wine color. Soft textures with an indented print with the wine color has gotten me super obsessed with wanting more of this style.

    • Dress: Velvet floral imprint dress, circular flounce sleeves
    • Boot: Velvet over the knee boots
    • Accessory: Kitty bell headband
    • Hairstyle: Two twisted knotted buns with front bangs

    For me, this was the perfect outfit. About a year ago I bought this dress from a thrift store near the hair salon. At first I didn’t like how it fit me, but I remind myself I am continually accepting my body shape and that magazines are not accurate of how I will look when I try on similar things.

    “Letting go of societal beauty standards has become essential to my mental well-being.”

    – LaTi

    I go by faith and not by sight or feelings, so I purchased it. Of course I felt off with it, and wasn’t sure if I would ever wear it. However, one year later arrived and I grew so much deeper in my self love walk.

    I can now say I look hella good in however I choose to style my body! LoL! My temple is sacred. Your temple is sacred. We should all feel free to try new fashion styles, despite what our brain wants to try to tell us!

    I finished my day off with spending quality time with family. We made our family tradition: GUMBO!

    Grandma Cookie’s Gumbo

    My siblings and I followed each other in our own cars through the back road to our homes. There was so much traffic on the 15 freeway (Viva Vegas folks), that the back road was 30 – 40 minutes faster!

    I hope you had a safe holiday.

    -xo LaTi

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    Styles & Sushi

    One thing that got me through graduate school was going out to eat. I found it rewarding to complete a 50 hour work week and celebrate with my favorite food: SUSHI

    My friend Kent and I tried a new spot a city near Long Beach called Xtreme Sushi. I told Kent that I wanted to dress for the part. He found it funny, but was very impressed with what I came up with in only a few minutes. Check out the food and my style creation.

    Do you ever find yourself dressing up in themes for restaurants? Tell me about it ! 🙂

    xo LaTi