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    If You Can’t Let It Go, It’s Best Not To Keep It.

    latianna's world blog post

    Such an important phrase that may shock you to hear. I made this because I do not want you to feel good about it. To be offended or uncomfortable is a great thing, because it requires you to reflect and make changes that will build you, or destroy you. I hope this video cuts to the core of you to truly reflect and see what you need to let go in your life and move forward. Only then will you be able to experience true freedom, authentic identity, blessings and fulfill life purpose. Time to believe in yourself. Be inspired by this message. Any thoughts?  

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    How Thailand uses Mental Health to Heal.

    ได้อย่างเสียอย่าง (dai yang sia yang) Translation: You have to lose something to get another thing. Meaning: You can’t make an omelette without breaking any eggs Thailand’s values of honor and hospitality led me to tears. I wondered, “How can a nation that does not have mental health budget give so much to us?” It felt undeserving to receive the love and compassion when I traveled to Thailand to study abroad program from California State University Long Beach. I took this class in May of 2017. We visited many facilities, each one very unique, yet very similar to mental health in America. In order to break the stigma, we must acknowledged…

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    Thirty Four-Ward

    Well, I have been officially 34 for a week now, and I feel not as much changed. All I can think about was the last 10 years of my life and the amazing things that have surfaced to lead me in this direction of blogging, fashion, and theatre arts. From working as a nanny and a private investigator (this will take another post to describe lol), to going back to graduate school and processing a lot of pain and trauma, I feel as if things are moving forward. Becoming a participator truly is better than being a spectator! I just wanted to share my birthday plans: Shopping at Miss Lola…

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    Meet LaTianna, A Therapist & Avant-garde Fashionista

    Exciting news once more!! The founder of PsychoSocial, a media & mental health company, reached out to me to inquire about Fashion Therapy. I also did an exclusive photoshoot in one of my couture pieces. Check out the interview here. I discuss how I use theatre and fashion for mental health and wellness. You will learn more about my personal and professional experiences in this creative art field. Learn more about PsychoSocial and their resources here.     Let me know what you think beauties and beaus. XO, LaTi

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    Patterns and Paving the Way for MORE

    Good Evening Beauties and Beaus, I’m curious to know how your goals for this year are coming along? Truth be told, this ‘motivational speaker’ has not been so motivated. 2019 Goals are in fact 2018 goals…. maybe even 2017 goals. I think I’m coming to a realization that you will not always meet your goals. Goals are meant to roll over. How weird is that to say? I wish I can be my perfectionistic self and meet my goals quicker, but I murdered her during graduate school. This was necessary so I can have compassion for myself (lol fo real though!). I’ve been thinking about the term ‘goals’ today, and…

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    New Year. Old Habits. Ways to Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

    New Year’s Resolutions can sometimes (if not most) turn into delusions. Dreams that never become manifested. It’s safe not to pursue and live the dream. But I am here to tell you: Don’t fall into that trap! Refocus your lifestyle and make things happen. Don’t let the obstacles of life hold you down. I can tell you this from life experience. Countless amount of times I said, “I’m going to write a play, I’m going to up my youtube game, I’m going to post on a consistent basis…” And then I look back… actually I sneeze and the year is over, realizing I did not do anything I wanted to.…

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    Velvety Little Christmas

    Merry belated Christmas! I wanted to share my outfit for the holiday season. My outfit of choice has been the wine color. Soft textures with an indented print with the wine color has gotten me super obsessed with wanting more of this style. Dress: Velvet floral imprint dress, circular flounce sleeves Boot: Velvet over the knee boots Accessory: Kitty bell headband Hairstyle: Two twisted knotted buns with front bangs For me, this was the perfect outfit. About a year ago I bought this dress from a thrift store near the hair salon. At first I didn’t like how it fit me, but I remind myself I am continually accepting my…

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    Fashion Reflections: Green Fashion Week Highlights

    During my spring break of 2017, I got to meet up with my dear friend Hanne as she covered Green Fashion Week for her non-profit called Passport 2 Freedom. I am part of the board for this organization that uses creativity and fashion as a platform to raise awareness for human trafficking. We engage in all efforts towards ending modern-day slavery and oppression. Green Fashion Week (GFW) is a non-profit international event supported by GD Major and FSA and patronized by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea in collaboration with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. I was excited to get a break from counseling and facilitating groups in creative…

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    Intro Post

    Hello World, It’s LaTianna here, thinking about what to say as an intro post!! For one thing, this may be the 5th time I have revamped my page within the last 2 and a half years. Let me tell you… it is not a fun thing to do. My thirst for the ‘more’ in life led me up to this point. After years of counseling, dabbling in performance art, and encouraging others to live out their dream life, I realized I WAS NOT LIVING MY DREAM LIFE. This entire time I pursued a degree that required me to help others, because this is all I knew how to do. It’s…