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Rompin’ My Way to Sophie’s Place

Hello World,
So last year, my sister wanted to meet up for brunch and drinks to discuss wedding planning (she finally passed into wifey-hood this past May). She was on a mission as she insisted on going to Redondo Beach, California for her favorite place to eat.
It was a Saturday morning, and I was definitely wanting to stay in bed. I was so lazy from work and school. I didn’t want to put on an entire outfit, and decided to use the power of the romper! I find that rompers come in handy for such a time as this.
A few reasons for loving a romper:
  • It looks good for daytime and nighttime (depending on the texture and style).
  • There’s a variety of prints, or solid colors to meet anyone’s desires.
  • It shows off your legs quite nicely.
  • You can add accessories like hats, jackets and jewelry to complete your look.
My #1 (and perhaps only) reason to not like it so much:
  • Going to the restroom, and having to take off all your clothes! Lol!
I hope you like the romper I chose for this day! Tell me what you think? It’s an olive green long sleeve romper with ruffles in all the right places. It works all year-round living in Southern California, and you can pair it off with a cute jean jacket if you find yourself chilly. I have worn this romper for nightlife, and during the daytime. 
 We headed over to Sophie’s Place at a perfect time! It wasn’t crowded yet, and we were able to get seating outside. The decor was sleek and beautiful. Any signs that light up will always have my heart.


My sister swears they have the best grilled cheese and tomato bisque…. and she is right on the money!
The photo below reflects how we got too excited for our drinks and began enjoying its savory goodness!
My sister decided on a Paris themed wedding, as her partner proposed to her in Paris, France. It took him 3 days to ask her, as he tried to find the right timing. Listening to her talk about him with her googly eyes was cracking me up! I love that they are each other’s first loves. This is such a rare thing in today’s world.
She told me she pretty much bought a lot of random gift boxes on sale because they were Paris themed from Michael’s Crafts Store. I began to have a feeling she was going to not need as much help, and she will want to do a lot of things for herself. (Bridezilla Bridal Parties beware! This could potentially be the first sign for Bridezilla to arise out from her slumber…)
She let me have some input for the bridal shower so I was fine with that. I love rose gold themed parties!
My sister is a pretty private woman, so I do not have any photos of that day with her. She insisted on photos of my romper because she thought it made my body shape sexy. lol! I decided to romp it up and do a few shots.
Beautiful company, yummy food, productive wedding planning = MISSION COMPLETED!
Comment below about your favorite romper styles & colors. I’ll see you next time beauties & beaus.
xoxo, LaTi
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Family Fashionistas

My Grandma Cookie is such an inspiration to me.  She never considered herself fashionista, but it shows as I see her photos throughout the years.  She has influenced my mother as my mom lives and breathes fashion. She has that retail therapy addiction and she has passed it down to me! Lol! I hope you enjoy these photos. Let me know about your family styles!