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    Why Care About Mental Health?

    mental health awareness month 2019

    Why care about mental health? You may have seen it more and more these days, especially during special times like May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, but is it something to consider in your every day life? Whether you are aware or not, your mind and body is influenced by your every day stress. Our brain is a physical part of our body; it’s all connected. Medical health care and mental health care should not be seen differently. Let’s open a discussion and break the stigma! We need to take both very seriously! Are you aware that we can rewire our brain? Science is revealing more and more that we have…

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    #4Mind4Body Pledge for Mental Health Awareness Month

    Hello there beauties and beaus, We are going to have a huge community gathering ONLINE and OFFLINE! It is time to discuss the importance of mental health care and wellness. May will mark the 70th year of Mental Health Awareness month, facilitated by Mental Health America. They are doing outstanding work, and this is a call to action. This year’s proclamation: Mental Health Month 2019 “#4Mind4Body” WHEREAS, mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being; and WHEREAS, all Americans experience times of difficulty and stress in their lives; and WHEREAS, prevention is an effective way to reduce the burden of mental health conditions; and WHEREAS, there is a…

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    Free Resource: Mental Health Care Screening Online!

    Mental Health of America has done a wonderful job raising awareness of mental health care and issues for 70 years! I wanted to add their resources, as there is numerous amount of information regarding mental health care & symptoms, as well as ways to get help. Click the link below! https://screening.mentalhealthamerica.net/screening-tools  

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    If You Can’t Let It Go, It’s Best Not To Keep It.

    latianna's world blog post

    Such an important phrase that may shock you to hear. I made this because I do not want you to feel good about it. To be offended or uncomfortable is a great thing, because it requires you to reflect and make changes that will build you, or destroy you. I hope this video cuts to the core of you to truly reflect and see what you need to let go in your life and move forward. Only then will you be able to experience true freedom, authentic identity, blessings and fulfill life purpose. Time to believe in yourself. Be inspired by this message. Any thoughts?  

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    How Thailand uses Mental Health to Heal.

    ได้อย่างเสียอย่าง (dai yang sia yang) Translation: You have to lose something to get another thing. Meaning: You can’t make an omelette without breaking any eggs Thailand’s values of honor and hospitality led me to tears. I wondered, “How can a nation that does not have mental health budget give so much to us?” It felt undeserving to receive the love and compassion when I traveled to Thailand to study abroad program from California State University Long Beach. I took this class in May of 2017. We visited many facilities, each one very unique, yet very similar to mental health in America. In order to break the stigma, we must acknowledged…

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    Will You Live with Intention?

    Happy Monday! I wanted to share a quick reflection that begins with a quick question…. What will you put on today? Here is a quick motivational video that will encourage you to reflect on the intentions you set in your life. Comment on my youtube page or below about what intentions you will be setting this year, this month, this moment?

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    Meet LaTianna, A Therapist & Avant-garde Fashionista

    Exciting news once more!! The founder of PsychoSocial, a media & mental health company, reached out to me to inquire about Fashion Therapy. I also did an exclusive photoshoot in one of my couture pieces. Check out the interview here. I discuss how I use theatre and fashion for mental health and wellness. You will learn more about my personal and professional experiences in this creative art field. Learn more about PsychoSocial and their resources here.     Let me know what you think beauties and beaus. XO, LaTi

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    February Habit Tracker: FREE!

    I LOVE FREE RESOURCES! Don’t you!? I hope so, because I have a new habit tracker for you to use to stay focused this month!   And all you have to do is: SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG and YOUTUBE   My YouTube showcases a day in a life, monthly editorial videos, and motivational speeches. I will continue to unravel what Fashion Therapy means, and how it can be applied to your everyday life!   Hope to hear from you soon and a sample of what I will give you for joining can be found below. xoxo LaTi  

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    Top 10 Ideas to Put on Your Habit Tracker

    “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” ― Mark Twain Hey Beauties and Beaus, I want to see you prosper. I want you to see changes and it starts and ends with you! I am here to present to you a creative and fun way to track your habits day to day for an entire month! In cognitive behavioral therapy we call it a habit tracker. What is it? A habit tracker is something you can use visually and kinesthetically to reach your daily goals. Why use it? To live with intention comes from focused energy. Using a habit tracker results in reached goals, feelings of peace for mastering a task, increased concentration and motivation,…