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    Will You Live with Intention?

    Happy Monday! I wanted to share a quick reflection that begins with a quick question…. What will you put on today? Here is a quick motivational video that will encourage you to reflect on the intentions you set in your life. Comment on my youtube page or below about what intentions you will be setting this year, this month, this moment?

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    February Habit Tracker: FREE!

    I LOVE FREE RESOURCES! Don’t you!? I hope so, because I have a new habit tracker for you to use to stay focused this month!   And all you have to do is: SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG and YOUTUBE   My YouTube showcases a day in a life, monthly editorial videos, and motivational speeches. I will continue to unravel what Fashion Therapy means, and how it can be applied to your everyday life!   Hope to hear from you soon and a sample of what I will give you for joining can be found below. xoxo LaTi  

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    Top 10 Ideas to Put on Your Habit Tracker

    “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” ― Mark Twain Hey Beauties and Beaus, I want to see you prosper. I want you to see changes and it starts and ends with you! I am here to present to you a creative and fun way to track your habits day to day for an entire month! In cognitive behavioral therapy we call it a habit tracker. What is it? A habit tracker is something you can use visually and kinesthetically to reach your daily goals. Why use it? To live with intention comes from focused energy. Using a habit tracker results in reached goals, feelings of peace for mastering a task, increased concentration and motivation,…

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    New Year. Old Habits. Ways to Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

    New Year’s Resolutions can sometimes (if not most) turn into delusions. Dreams that never become manifested. It’s safe not to pursue and live the dream. But I am here to tell you: Don’t fall into that trap! Refocus your lifestyle and make things happen. Don’t let the obstacles of life hold you down. I can tell you this from life experience. Countless amount of times I said, “I’m going to write a play, I’m going to up my youtube game, I’m going to post on a consistent basis…” And then I look back… actually I sneeze and the year is over, realizing I did not do anything I wanted to.…