Private Press Release for Shabeeg Fashion

Private Press Release for Shabeeg Fashion

“Clothes should not define a person. It should accentuate  their personality.”

– Mary Sukiasyan

Bold. Chic. Geometric. Philosophical. Enriching.

These are only a few words that describe Shabeeg, a fashion brand founded by Mary Sukiasyan.

The story behind this fashion line lies deep within Armenian culture.
LA vlog fashion event
I had the honor to attend an exclusive viewing of Shabeeg at the LA Fashion District, and I spoke with the brand’s designer and founder.
This Armenian female designer is making headlines. Mary is passionate about her culture as each clothing garment is left with an imprint of rich Armenian history. She not only spreads awareness about her culture, but she also empowers others with making their own fashion choices. It is more than just clothing. Each piece brings forth enriching stories and history that speaks across generations. Wearing Shabeeg appeals across genders and ages.
This vision of wearing something beyond a fashion statement is something Mary wants others to take with them as they wear Shabeeg apparel.
It was a pleasure meeting with Mary. She is such a light, demonstrating love and empowerment from within and taking it outward for all to behold. Thank you for sharing your vision and beautiful Armenian culture.

To see more of Mary’s work and clothing line, visit Shabeeg official and website
*Top pics taken from official Shabeeg sites*

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