Thirty Four-Ward

Thirty Four-Ward

Well, I have been officially 34 for a week now, and I feel not as much changed. All I can think about was the last 10 years of my life and the amazing things that have surfaced to lead me in this direction of blogging, fashion, and theatre arts. From working as a nanny and a private investigator (this will take another post to describe lol), to going back to graduate school and processing a lot of pain and trauma, I feel as if things are moving forward.

Becoming a participator truly is better than being a spectator!

I just wanted to share my birthday plans: Shopping at Miss Lola and Having a dinner at the beautiful Thai District Restaurant in Downtown Long Beach, California. My friends came from so many places, I truly felt loved for my birthday. Keeping it simple was the key to this success. I tend to get anxiety to plan things, because I want to make sure everyone can get there, and I would try to please other people’s thoughts and plans. This is why I am thirty- forwarding! No more past patterns to hold me down. I am keeping my royal mindset. I’ve come a long way, and I look forward to the new manifesting in my life.

Enjoy the photos and my youtube video on my birthday (Subscribe on my youtube site and comment).




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