Velvety Little Christmas

Velvety Little Christmas
Christmas Outfit of the Day

Merry belated Christmas!

I wanted to share my outfit for the holiday season. My outfit of choice has been the wine color. Soft textures with an indented print with the wine color has gotten me super obsessed with wanting more of this style.

  • Dress: Velvet floral imprint dress, circular flounce sleeves
  • Boot: Velvet over the knee boots
  • Accessory: Kitty bell headband
  • Hairstyle: Two twisted knotted buns with front bangs

For me, this was the perfect outfit. About a year ago I bought this dress from a thrift store near the hair salon. At first I didn’t like how it fit me, but I remind myself I am continually accepting my body shape and that magazines are not accurate of how I will look when I try on similar things.

“Letting go of societal beauty standards has become essential to my mental well-being.”

– LaTi

I go by faith and not by sight or feelings, so I purchased it. Of course I felt off with it, and wasn’t sure if I would ever wear it. However, one year later arrived and I grew so much deeper in my self love walk.

I can now say I look hella good in however I choose to style my body! LoL! My temple is sacred. Your temple is sacred. We should all feel free to try new fashion styles, despite what our brain wants to try to tell us!

I finished my day off with spending quality time with family. We made our family tradition: GUMBO!

Grandma Cookie’s Gumbo

My siblings and I followed each other in our own cars through the back road to our homes. There was so much traffic on the 15 freeway (Viva Vegas folks), that the back road was 30 – 40 minutes faster!

I hope you had a safe holiday.

-xo LaTi


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