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12 Days of Blogmas Festivities

Christmas has come and gone. Let’s recap on the activity postings for 12 Days of Blogmas!

Blogmas Tasks

DAY 1: Wishlist


Day 3: How to warm your ‘Holiday Blues.’

Day 4: Home Decor Ideas

Day 5: Holiday Movie Marathon

Day 6: Holiday Boot Inspiration

DSW & Charlotte Russe

Day 7: Christmas Tree Reveal

Day 8: Pretty-Ugly Sweater

Day 9: Honor Your Lost Loved One

Day 10: DIY Project

Day 11: Sing-Along Playlist

Day 12: Giveaway Challenge

* Participate in any of the challenges and post your photos on IG

Would like to participate in other community challenges such as this? My topics will mix with Style and Mental Health.

Let me know!

xo, LaTi

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