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Fashion + Psychology Intertwines.

Fashion is more than clothing. How you put yourself together in the morning before you put on your clothing, and when you take it off before bed says a lot you. Being mindful of the way you choose clothing, wear clothing, and pamper yourself is important. 

There are some people that do not think twice about what they wear and how they move in the world.

 Just think about it– Where did your fashion style come from? We are influenced directly and indirectly with how we were raised, who we were raised by, and society’s point of view of what is right and what is wrong. This formulates your life script, but is it really you? Maybe it’s time to explore the inner you so you can determine the life script you want to perform and show the world. Creating  your own personal styles starts from within.

Fashion includes psychological concepts such as:

* Self Esteem

* Body Image

* Self- Expression

* Defense Mechanisms

* Confidence

* Emotions

* Self Control

*  Shame 

*Body Movement/ NonVerbal Communication


*Life Scripts

This is all to say: Fashion inspiration and styling is amazing, but what is underneath your clothes?

Lust For Life

We seek for a better life. A better life is not obtaining degrees, having a lot of friends, having a significant other, and doing a good job at work. There is always more to life than this. Sometimes we are living, but roaming around the earth as if we are dead.

What keeps up alive? We have to lust for life lived through the eyes of how we see it, because so many times, we’ve viewed life based off of how everyone else sees it. And still we are unsatisfied and we are drifting in a routine that bounds us. Perhaps a change is needed?

You’ve come to the right place as this blog not only covers fashion, but also your quality of life. We are here to help you create a life design that matters to you and your future generations. We believe in balancing self care and other care. We realize your story matters and other’s stories matter. 

A lust for life is you living out your life with the power of choosing how you want to relate to others and your own self. 

Seek with curiosity and explore what life offers you. Lust after the unknown, lust after your healing, lust for lessons learned, lust after the process and not the arrival of your dreams. Lust for the present moment, for we shall never get it back. The lust for life only ends when you take your last breath… can ou honestly tell yourself you lived a novel life?

LaTianna's Story

LaTianna is a Southern California native, currently residing in Belmont Shore of Long Beach. Her blog began in 2017 (formerly called LaTianna’s World) due to a lust for life. She knew there was more to life than the routine of a 9-5 work in the healthcare field. She thirsted for a reason to keep living. Fashion and creativity provided space to revive her life. She merges fashion into a form of therapy. 

Fashionology was born due to learning about herself using self expression and her ever evolving fashion style. Not only is she a fashion therapist, she is also a dream weaver. LaTianna inspires others to overcome their personal fears and pains to pursue their dreams for the “more” in their lives by using her 10 years of work experience and her own personal life experiences. LaTianna gives back what she has freely received. Her line of work includes helping others see their relationship to self and others using fashion and creative art therapy. Her other experiences include:  hosting events, writing, dance fitness instruction, group and individual therapy, modeling, acting, motivational speaking, personal styling, and teaching theatre arts. 

LaTianna’s mission is to use Haus of LALA to inspire and curate a space for self love, a space to deepen relationships, develop a deep desire to pursue more in life, and build a personal image and fashion style that makes others feel good about themselves.