LaTianna's Story

LaTianna is a Southern California native, residing in Belmont Shore of Long Beach. Her blog began in 2017 (formerly called LaTianna's World) due to a lust for life. She knew there was more to life than the 9-5 work routine in the healthcare field. She thirsted for a reason to keep living. Her life transformed when she used her personal life narratives, and made fashion and performance pieces to express her experiences.

Fashion therapy was birthed from exploring fashion and how therapeutic it can be internally. These reflections developed her own fashion style and influence (see Press for more info). She continues to inspire others with their fashion style development.

LaTianna's line of work includes helping others see their relationship to self and others using fashion and performance art. She is a change artist and story collector. She believes narradrama can help empower others to transform their life narratives.  

LaTianna's mission is to use Haus of LALA to inspire and curate a space for self love, relationships, self expression through performance, and fashion styling. She helps others flip their life script, one outfit at a time. 

Fashion Therapy

Fashion + Psychology Intertwines.

Just think about it– Where did your fashion style come from? We are influenced directly and indirectly with how we were raised, who we were raised by, and society’s point of view. This formulates your life script, but is it really you? 

Maybe it’s time to use performance art and exploration to reveal your real fashion style and expression. Creating  your own fashion styles starts from within, and my blog inspires others to have fun and learn about themselves as they navigate through their fashion choices

Fashion includes psychological concepts such as:

* Self Esteem & Personality

* Body Image

* Defense Mechanisms

* Confidence

* Shame 

* NonVerbal Communication



Lust For Life

A lust for life is you living out your life with the power of choosing how you want to relate towards yourself and towards others. 

Life is more than obtaining degrees and having a lot of possessions. Life is more than money and maintaining a certain social status. Life is all about relationships, ongoing self discovery through travel and leisure, learning and participating in creative arts, and gaining wisdom to motivate others to live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Haus of LALA creates a safe space for others to explore their inner passions and rescript their life. LaTianna shares her own life story to exemplify this message. Her continual healing from depression and a pauper mindset is what led her into the entertainment, mental health and wellness industry. Her passion to help others using therapy, fashion, and performance art is what keeps her living. This blog provides inspiration and tools on how to grow in love and not give up.

In this haus, you are encouraged to lust after the unknown. Lust after your healing, lust for lessons learned, lust after the process and not the arrival of your dreams. Lust for the present moment, for we shall never get it back. The lust for life only ends when you take your last breath. It’s time to enhance your quality of life and live a life worth living!