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    Valentine’s without the Romance

    Hey Beauties and Beaus,

    I got together with my fav. ladies to answer questions pertaining to Valentine’s Day.  These sista friends mean the world to me! We aspire to inspire. We want to share our knowledge and experience in the ways of beauty, fashion, and relationships. If there are any topics you would like for us to discuss, let us know! We want to investigate trends on dating, fashion, mental health, self love, and a wellness lifestyle

    Also, Join my friend Currie Spice on her YouTube Adventures. Glamaris will have her page up and running soon too!



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    Be My Rugged Valentine

    Hello Beauties and Beaus,

    I did a fun video editorial shoot with my friend Amaris! She was the star of this show as we showcased 4 outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day.

    The theme was to be pretty pretty, but with a gangster edge. lol!

    Check it out:


    Editorial Pieces are found here:


    Let us know what your fav. outfit, here are the 4 styles:

    xoxo, LaTi

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    February Habit Tracker: FREE!

    I LOVE FREE RESOURCES! Don’t you!?

    I hope so, because I have a new habit tracker for you to use to stay focused this month!


    And all you have to do is:



    My YouTube showcases a day in a life, monthly editorial videos, and motivational speeches. I will continue to unravel what Fashion Therapy means, and how it can be applied to your everyday life!


    Hope to hear from you soon and a sample of what I will give you for joining can be found below.

    xoxo LaTi


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    #OOTN Tamayo Restaurant L.A.

    Hey Beauties and Beaus,

    If you ever find yourself in East L.A., I recommend checking out a restaurant and art gallery called Tamayo. I went for my friend Christina’s birthday before we head out to dance at Clifton Republic in DTLA.

    This is what I wore:

    Dress and Coat: Forever 21

    Heels: Jessica Simpson

    Earrings: Express

    Hairstyles: Danielle’s Lovely Touches

    It was a great time, a nice break from the typical work life. Let me know what you think!

    -xo LaTI

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    3 Best Ways to Style a Graphic Top

    Hey there,

    LaTi here!

    I hope your new year continues to be something that is intentional and set on continual growth. Something I’ve been meaning to get to are youtube videos. So far I did a vlog, a reintroduction, and now presenting…


    These videos are quick and show different ways you can use your fashion to style it in different ways. Check this video out for some inspiration on how to style a printed shirt. It’s simple, and you don’t have to change much of your outfit!

    Which style do you like most:

    1. Over the shoulder
    2. Midriff
    3. Regular style with leather jacket
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    BeautyCon Editorial Shoot January 2019

    Greetings !

    I wanted to share one thing I LOVE ABOUT LOS ANGELES:


    So far this one takes the cake! A pop up about fashion, fashion icons, and beauty inspiration. This is called BeautyCon. My friend Annie found this gem, and said, “Let’s go!!” We went the same day we planned it! Below are some photos for our editorial with the theme of ‘Self Exploration.’ BeautyCon provides a space where you are free to engage with the world around you. You are empowered to make choices. (As a side note: This is one of the principals of Trauma-Informed care: EMPOWERMENT. VOICE. CHOICE. Having your own freedom to choose and giving the space for others to make their own decisions without judgment is crucial to the healing process.

    This is what sparked my first music video, and I’m excited to share it with you. It was because of BeautyCon my creative mind began to flow. As a child, I would listen to a song and ruminate on it to the point where I created music videos in my head. What would it look like, how would it be filmed, the wardrobe, the characters, etc. This video also has a vlog tone to it. I have no film experience and this is what came out of it:

    I hope you enjoyed viewing it! Let me know what you think. A few of our fashion choices were from Vivi Collections, Forever 21, and Express.

    I’ll see you soon, xoxo


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    Patterns and Paving the Way for MORE

    Good Evening Beauties and Beaus,

    I’m curious to know how your goals for this year are coming along?

    Truth be told, this ‘motivational speaker’ has not been so motivated. 2019 Goals are in fact 2018 goals…. maybe even 2017 goals. I think I’m coming to a realization that you will not always meet your goals. Goals are meant to roll over. How weird is that to say? I wish I can be my perfectionistic self and meet my goals quicker, but I murdered her during graduate school. This was necessary so I can have compassion for myself (lol fo real though!).

    I’ve been thinking about the term ‘goals’ today, and I am wondering what does it mean to you?

    I think with goals we can easily focus on that end result without thinking about the small steps to get there. We spend most of our lives in between. This in-between is called ‘the process.’ We spend most of our lives there! I find it interesting that the process creates constant movement. Something is always going on in the process, even if we’re standing still. No need to fear, we can use the power of focus.

    Focus is the fuel that brings motivation to life. Could it be that I am not focusing enough to develop and re-establish my 2019 goals?

    The thought of it all is cracking up…  how I can write a post with a problem in my head, only to solve it through inviting others to explore the concept of ‘goals!?’ I see everything in a better light now. The lack of motivation is my problem. It’s not that I don’t have the motivation; I get inspired and try new things, but I am such a dreamer! I have so many ideas for my future, so many concepts for photoshoots, events, theatre productions, volunteer work, and so much more! If I do not focus on my monthly, weekly, daily goals, then I may never get there! It will just stay in dreamland. I love thinking big, dreaming big. No wonder why I don’t want to sit down and focus on small goals. Focusing on big goals excite me, but if I want to go places I need to focus on my small goals.

    Have you ever heard that saying: Do not despise small beginnings? This is the beginning of the year, so let’s not get frustrated with it. Let’s continue to focus and make things happen. I’m letting you know right now that you are doing a great job, whether or not you started the new year good or bad. It doesn’t matter. There is always movement, so go with the flow of your life!

    You may be wondering how did I get inspired to create this post, and I’ll let you in on a little secret:

    My outfit for New Years Eve inspired me. LOL! It was an outfit from the past, but it spoke to me….

    just give me a minute and me explain myself!

    New Year’s Eve was spent with few friends at Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles. It was a circus themed party, and I decided to wear this corset, leather pants, and a small veil hat accessory.

    This corset is unique. A purple layout with so many prints, shapes and sizes all over. It had long adjustable straps in the back. The last time I wore this was my 30th birthday party in 2015. Putting on this corset was a struggle! I was in disbelief that I the front latches would pop off.  I have not fluctuated in my weight that much, but trying to put this on made me think otherwise. It took over 20 minutes to readjust the straps and latch it! I had to loosen the adjustable straps in the back just to make it work. As I struggled to get it on that day, a message crossed my mind:

    There are so many patterns, shapes, colors that make up this fashion piece, just like me. I am made up of many things and many ideas, but if I do not readjust myself, I will not be able to fit into who I’m meant to be this season. This is a new year, and the way I once operated (thinking so big with goals, and not focusing on the little things) no longer fits. I need to readjust myself if I want to stay motivated: Mind, body, & spirit.

    And with that, I left my house with my friend Nate and we met up with my girlfriends. Beautiful in every way. 🙂

    Annie, Dvoraw, Shavon, Me

    Did this speak to you ? I love how the smallest activity brought forth the deepest revelation… unbelievable! I truly want the more in my life, and it’s up to me to pave the way in making it happen, one small pattern at a time. 😉

    You now may be asking what are my goals this year? I wish to share, but I think some things need to be in secret. Sometimes it has to be a declaration only you hear. Maybe sharing with your confidants… those who want to elevate you. My friend Stephen reconfirmed this when I tried to ask him what he would like to see happen this year. He told me only his brother knows, and he prefered not to share it with the world. What wisdom he carries! This inspired me to not have a post to share all my business on personal goals.

    For now, I would like to share my habit tracker goals for the month (if you have not yet gotten your free worksheet check out my blog on it). At the end of the month, I’ll show you my completed sheet to see how I did.

    • Read my bible more
    • Fitness life 3-5x week
    • Engage with family & friends outside of social media
    • Grow my Instagram and blog postings & engagement

    These are small goals… small goals that will aide me to reach my large goals this year. I hope this brings some new perspective and thoughts your way!



    P.S. BONUS: Free Life Goals Worksheet. A great way to think about the big goal, and shape it into smaller goes overtime. All you need to do is subscribe to my blog! You’ll be on the list to continue to get new lifestyle activity worksheets and get exclusive releases for giveaways and future events.

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    Benefits of Creative Art Therapy

    Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person – mind, body, intelligence and creativity.

    – Viola Spolin

    Augusto Boal says it best, “Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.”

    Theatre, art, dance, recreation, music… ALL of these forms of creative expression has the power to transform lives. It is even difficult for science to create a pattern in solving its mystery.

    There is a new wave of therapy that is becoming more noticeable. It involves the creative arts. Want to know the benefits into this form of counseling? Read below and find out!


    So, what are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced the power of using artistic expression to enhance your quality of life? Share below!

    xoxo, LaTi

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    Top 10 Ideas to Put on Your Habit Tracker

    “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” 
    ― Mark Twain

    Hey Beauties and Beaus,

    I want to see you prosper. I want you to see changes and it starts and ends with you! I am here to present to you a creative and fun way to track your habits day to day for an entire month! In cognitive behavioral therapy we call it a habit tracker.

    What is it?

    A habit tracker is something you can use visually and kinesthetically to reach your daily goals.

    Why use it?

    To live with intention comes from focused energy. Using a habit tracker results in reached goals, feelings of peace for mastering a task, increased concentration and motivation, and management skills.

    How to use it?

    Add a habit, one per line. If you accomplish this habit/task, color it in according to the day you completed it. You can use different colors for different habits to see various colors by the end of the month. Each day you will need to intentionally look at this and reflect to see if you did it. This works more effectively when you have an accountability partner.

    What are some habits I can work on?

    Here is a list of 10 items you can place on a line of your habit tracker.

    1. Fitness: Exercise is what it’s all about, make how many minutes you are willing to do on a daily basis. Some choose to walk 10,000 steps, jog on the beach, yoga, gym time, you name it!
    2. Reading: Have a book you haven’t finished yet? Maybe create a daily habit for 10, 20, 30 minutes worth of reading time a day.
    3. Blog Post: Let me tell you, there is so much that goes behind creating a blog post: Photos, content, quotes, reflections, spell check (Lord help me with this lol!!). Dedicate pieces of what you work on daily.
    4. Relationships: This can look like, smiling or talking to 1-3 strangers a day (if you have social anxiety, or you are learning about how body language plays a role in dating… a whole new post in itself for this lol), calling a relative/friend for a few minutes (maybe this is a weekly step but hold yourself to what you want to do), finding or attending community event, etc. There are a lot of options here so get creative and get intentional
    5. Sleep: Sleep is important. Placing this habit on your tracker will force you to find a sleep routine to keep you feeling awake and alert during the day. (7-8 hours tends to be recommended).
    6. Eating: A lifestyle habit. Dieting should not exist. IF you have a hard time eating healthy and you are finding yourself getting tired, sleepy, moody, and an increase in medical conditions, this is a great way to create a mindfulness lifestyle to eating.
    7. Money: If you have a daily goal amount of money for spending/ saving, place it in your tracker.
    8. Brain Health: Physical health and mental health are equally important. Maybe playing soduko or an app that stimulates your mind can benefit you. Keep your mind active! Identify how many minutes you want to work on this.
    9. Inner Peace: Identify activities that are passive and slow you down. This can help manage your stress and anxiety. Self care is important. Meditation and prayer tends to fit under these areas.
    10. Hobby/Recreation Therapy: Something fun once a day, what a concept! lol Yes, put fun stuff on your habit tracker and keep it positive! (sports, collector, museum fanatic, etc.)

    Below is an example of a habit tracker and I want to email this to you for FREE! Sign up to my newsletter here.

    Let me know how it works for you, or if you need any help!

    xoxo LaTi

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    New Year. Old Habits. Ways to Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

    New Year’s Resolutions can sometimes (if not most) turn into delusions. Dreams that never become manifested. It’s safe not to pursue and live the dream. But I am here to tell you: Don’t fall into that trap! Refocus your lifestyle and make things happen. Don’t let the obstacles of life hold you down.

    I can tell you this from life experience. Countless amount of times I said, “I’m going to write a play, I’m going to up my youtube game, I’m going to post on a consistent basis…” And then I look back… actually I sneeze and the year is over, realizing I did not do anything I wanted to. I love the big picture, but the baby steps trap me into the beginning process of creating.

    And don’t get me wrong, any goals from last year had to be put to the side because I had to work 50-60 hours worth of school, internship work, paid work in psychiatric care. And then there is self-care and other care. Balance was quite difficult, let alone think about my dream life and going through the steps to make it there. The years in which I did have the time, I kept my goals from a safe distance, maybe because it is easier said than done. It is safe to not fail forward into purpose.

    We do have legit excuses right? Because you know how busy we all can get!

    Reality settles in: other things took priority. You forgot the importance in the things you were always meant to do.

    We have seen this time and time again in relationships, work life, financial life, and in our creative life. Prioritizing is important, and it is hard for us to be consistent when life happens. It is time for you to make it happen and not let life overtake you!

    Change never comes until you reflect on yourself. Why not take the first step?

    Below is my download for a Habit Tracker. This creative art activity will visually show you how you are making your goals day to day for an entire month. I will be making one monthly for you to have *For FREE* My present to you. Let’s work together and hold each other accountable. Ask people about their dreams. We think about our so much, but we also need to be a light and lifter of other’s dreams. Let me know how it works for you, and subscribe to get first dibs on the newest creative ways to live with intention and creativity.

    To receive submit to newsletter here

    Check out my post to know how to use this beauty!

    xoxo, LaTi