Patterns and Paving the Way for MORE

Patterns and Paving the Way for MORE

Good Evening Beauties and Beaus,

I’m curious to know how your goals for this year are coming along?

Truth be told, this ‘motivational speaker’ has not been so motivated. 2019 Goals are in fact 2018 goals…. maybe even 2017 goals. I think I’m coming to a realization that you will not always meet your goals. Goals are meant to roll over. How weird is that to say? I wish I can be my perfectionistic self and meet my goals quicker, but I murdered her during graduate school. This was necessary so I can have compassion for myself (lol fo real though!).

I’ve been thinking about the term ‘goals’ today, and I am wondering what does it mean to you?

I think with goals we can easily focus on that end result without thinking about the small steps to get there. We spend most of our lives in between. This in-between is called ‘the process.’ We spend most of our lives there! I find it interesting that the process creates constant movement. Something is always going on in the process, even if we’re standing still. No need to fear, we can use the power of focus.

Focus is the fuel that brings motivation to life. Could it be that I am not focusing enough to develop and re-establish my 2019 goals?

The thought of it all is cracking up…  how I can write a post with a problem in my head, only to solve it through inviting others to explore the concept of ‘goals!?’ I see everything in a better light now. The lack of motivation is my problem. It’s not that I don’t have the motivation; I get inspired and try new things, but I am such a dreamer! I have so many ideas for my future, so many concepts for photoshoots, events, theatre productions, volunteer work, and so much more! If I do not focus on my monthly, weekly, daily goals, then I may never get there! It will just stay in dreamland. I love thinking big, dreaming big. No wonder why I don’t want to sit down and focus on small goals. Focusing on big goals excite me, but if I want to go places I need to focus on my small goals.

Have you ever heard that saying: Do not despise small beginnings? This is the beginning of the year, so let’s not get frustrated with it. Let’s continue to focus and make things happen. I’m letting you know right now that you are doing a great job, whether or not you started the new year good or bad. It doesn’t matter. There is always movement, so go with the flow of your life!

You may be wondering how did I get inspired to create this post, and I’ll let you in on a little secret:

My outfit for New Years Eve inspired me. LOL! It was an outfit from the past, but it spoke to me….

just give me a minute and me explain myself!

New Year’s Eve was spent with few friends at Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles. It was a circus themed party, and I decided to wear this corset, leather pants, and a small veil hat accessory.

This corset is unique. A purple layout with so many prints, shapes and sizes all over. It had long adjustable straps in the back. The last time I wore this was my 30th birthday party in 2015. Putting on this corset was a struggle! I was in disbelief that I the front latches would pop off.  I have not fluctuated in my weight that much, but trying to put this on made me think otherwise. It took over 20 minutes to readjust the straps and latch it! I had to loosen the adjustable straps in the back just to make it work. As I struggled to get it on that day, a message crossed my mind:

There are so many patterns, shapes, colors that make up this fashion piece, just like me. I am made up of many things and many ideas, but if I do not readjust myself, I will not be able to fit into who I’m meant to be this season. This is a new year, and the way I once operated (thinking so big with goals, and not focusing on the little things) no longer fits. I need to readjust myself if I want to stay motivated: Mind, body, & spirit.

And with that, I left my house with my friend Nate and we met up with my girlfriends. Beautiful in every way. 🙂

Annie, Dvoraw, Shavon, Me

Did this speak to you ? I love how the smallest activity brought forth the deepest revelation… unbelievable! I truly want the more in my life, and it’s up to me to pave the way in making it happen, one small pattern at a time. 😉

You now may be asking what are my goals this year? I wish to share, but I think some things need to be in secret. Sometimes it has to be a declaration only you hear. Maybe sharing with your confidants… those who want to elevate you. My friend Stephen reconfirmed this when I tried to ask him what he would like to see happen this year. He told me only his brother knows, and he prefered not to share it with the world. What wisdom he carries! This inspired me to not have a post to share all my business on personal goals.

For now, I would like to share my habit tracker goals for the month (if you have not yet gotten your free worksheet check out my blog on it). At the end of the month, I’ll show you my completed sheet to see how I did.

  • Read my bible more
  • Fitness life 3-5x week
  • Engage with family & friends outside of social media
  • Grow my Instagram and blog postings & engagement

These are small goals… small goals that will aide me to reach my large goals this year. I hope this brings some new perspective and thoughts your way!



P.S. BONUS: Free Life Goals Worksheet. A great way to think about the big goal, and shape it into smaller goes overtime. All you need to do is subscribe to my blog! You’ll be on the list to continue to get new lifestyle activity worksheets and get exclusive releases for giveaways and future events.


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