Top 10 Ideas to Put on Your Habit Tracker

Top 10 Ideas to Put on Your Habit Tracker

“Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” 
― Mark Twain

Hey Beauties and Beaus,

I want to see you prosper. I want you to see changes and it starts and ends with you! I am here to present to you a creative and fun way to track your habits day to day for an entire month! In cognitive behavioral therapy we call it a habit tracker.

What is it?

A habit tracker is something you can use visually and kinesthetically to reach your daily goals.

Why use it?

To live with intention comes from focused energy. Using a habit tracker results in reached goals, feelings of peace for mastering a task, increased concentration and motivation, and management skills.

How to use it?

Add a habit, one per line. If you accomplish this habit/task, color it in according to the day you completed it. You can use different colors for different habits to see various colors by the end of the month. Each day you will need to intentionally look at this and reflect to see if you did it. This works more effectively when you have an accountability partner.

What are some habits I can work on?

Here is a list of 10 items you can place on a line of your habit tracker.

  1. Fitness: Exercise is what it’s all about, make how many minutes you are willing to do on a daily basis. Some choose to walk 10,000 steps, jog on the beach, yoga, gym time, you name it!
  2. Reading: Have a book you haven’t finished yet? Maybe create a daily habit for 10, 20, 30 minutes worth of reading time a day.
  3. Blog Post: Let me tell you, there is so much that goes behind creating a blog post: Photos, content, quotes, reflections, spell check (Lord help me with this lol!!). Dedicate pieces of what you work on daily.
  4. Relationships: This can look like, smiling or talking to 1-3 strangers a day (if you have social anxiety, or you are learning about how body language plays a role in dating… a whole new post in itself for this lol), calling a relative/friend for a few minutes (maybe this is a weekly step but hold yourself to what you want to do), finding or attending community event, etc. There are a lot of options here so get creative and get intentional
  5. Sleep: Sleep is important. Placing this habit on your tracker will force you to find a sleep routine to keep you feeling awake and alert during the day. (7-8 hours tends to be recommended).
  6. Eating: A lifestyle habit. Dieting should not exist. IF you have a hard time eating healthy and you are finding yourself getting tired, sleepy, moody, and an increase in medical conditions, this is a great way to create a mindfulness lifestyle to eating.
  7. Money: If you have a daily goal amount of money for spending/ saving, place it in your tracker.
  8. Brain Health: Physical health and mental health are equally important. Maybe playing soduko or an app that stimulates your mind can benefit you. Keep your mind active! Identify how many minutes you want to work on this.
  9. Inner Peace: Identify activities that are passive and slow you down. This can help manage your stress and anxiety. Self care is important. Meditation and prayer tends to fit under these areas.
  10. Hobby/Recreation Therapy: Something fun once a day, what a concept! lol Yes, put fun stuff on your habit tracker and keep it positive! (sports, collector, museum fanatic, etc.)

Below is an example of a habit tracker and I want to email this to you for FREE! Sign up to my newsletter here.

Let me know how it works for you, or if you need any help!

xoxo LaTi


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